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About us.

”Can you hypnotize your robots to mow professionally?”

We had known each other since 3rd grade, and we shared the stoke for waterskiing during the summers. When I met him that day, Magnus looked a bit mellow since the doctors had told him that his back basically was a wreck. He said:

”My body won’t last another day on a ride-on. Maybe you can hypnotize your robots to mow professionally?”

Then and there, in the springtime of 2015, the idea dawned on me. Magnus was well aware of my experience in this field – I had sold my first robot when Husqvarna presented their Solar Mower in the mid-90s. The idea was squeezed into a concept draft – the foundation for the initial R&D.

Here’s where I devoted evenings and weekends to the project. During office hours, I continued to sell some forty heavy ride-on mowers per season. And then, in 2016, a major change and opportunity emerged, as Husqvarna launched a new robot with the potential to be modified for professional mowing.

First, we optimized the mower’s capacity and functionality, allowing it to handle larger green spaces. And then it dawned on us that we no longer were working with mowers, but an entire system. We kept refining and fine-tuning the system – making it grid-independent, among other things – and applied for a patent.

Today, with our first installations in California, with more Swedish municipalities and churches signing contracts, and patents being granted in the US, Australia, and South Africa, I realize that we have gotten quite far from where we started. At the same time, we are still at the very beginning of our journey.

And I want to put this in writing; I’m very happy about our first US patent, but I’m just as thrilled over being able to help my friend Magnus out. He was, of course, correct: It was possible to hypnotize these robots to mow professionally.

Kalle Andersson – CEO, founder and inventor.

Invented in Fagersta, Sweden – patented all over the world.

In early 2022, the MowFleet system was awarded its first patent in the United States. Since then, we have received patents from other corners of the world. Meaning that our system is a verified unique idea with strong legal protection.

Robotic Lawn Care Systems AB – this is our business:

We are developing and marketing our patented system for professional automated mowing. It is emission-free, extremely quiet, and grid-independent.

With just minimal labor effort, a number of robots will mow defined green spaces during scheduled work hours. Compared with traditional mowers, these robots apply very little pressure on the surface and, therefore, won’t damage the grass or any fixed objects around it.

The green spaces can then be mowed often, delivering a better result. In brief, the MowFleet system will make green spaces in parks, living quarters, cemeteries, roundabouts, and other spaces in the urban environment even more beautiful and green.

The system has been tested for more than 150 000 hours since its initial launch seven years ago. Today, it is marketed under the MowFleet brand in Sweden and the United States. If you’re from Scandinavia and want to find out about our business there, we recommend a visit to

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